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Our Story and Values

Created to make you feel cared for and confident

As Rose Rich is a US Inspired female fitness and wellness apparel brand - specializing swimwear, yoga wear and fitness wear.  As Rose Rich aims to empower women by creating high-quality, inclusive sized clothing with an affordable price tag - so you can look good, and feel good, more often.

The Rose in As Rose Rich

Soft-touch finish + blossom

We're a little obsessed with creating clothes with a soft-touch finish.  Using ITY fabrics and hand care to achieve a fabric so soft, we were inspired by rose petals. You'll literally feel the difference.

The rose was also inspired by our values - we believe in supporting women grow and blossom! Part of looking good is feeling good, and we want to support women feeling the best version of themselves.

High-quality yet affordable

We take a lot of pride in our design process - down to every detail. We also know that feeling amazing in good quality yoga pants or a new bikini shouldn’t be a one-off treat. That’s why unlike our premium competitors, we keep the price affordable so you can feel good more often. (We also know new workout clothes = a great motivator)


We're not into excluding people. We want to empower and celebrate ALL women - not just certain sizes.  That's why we offer inclusive size ranging and free returns/exchanges
if something doesn't fit right.

Self-care and self-love

We recognize that fitness gear and swimwear can have a lot of emotions involved for women. We don’t want to evoke the bad kind. We want to encourage and support women to feel good about how they look, which is an act of self-care and self-love. And ‘we’re allll about the love, ladies.